Retailers find that their customers prefer our salsa to jarred options.

I’m a Retailer

The freshness your customers want

We maintain strict quality and freshness standards with minimal production steps, allowing our products to retain all the natural flavor and texture your consumers are looking for. Our salsas start fresh and stay that way… right to your customers’ tables.

The quality that will keep them coming back

Our experienced chefs have produced a variety of truly exceptional artisan-style salsas that are simply extraordinary. What better way to satisfy your customers’ evolving tastes than by providing exceptional products!

Private-label our products under your brand

We are proud to partner with many leading Retail and Food Service customers to provide both branded and private label products. We can help you to private label your own recipes; and we can also private label our salsas under your brand.

Read more about Private Labeling on our Manufacturing Capabilities page.