Home cooks love the time-saving nature of our products.

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Saving you time, so you can enjoy your family and guests

The versatility of our products is what makes them such a valuable staple in your kitchen. Dispense with time-consuming chopping, mincing, and grinding; our culinary preparations can serve as multi-task ingredients in your recipes.

Use our salsas in the traditional fashion as a dip for pita wedges and chips; on your favorite grilled meats, poultry and fish for an exciting hot/cold taste contrast; and in or on your cold side dishes for a dash of color and extra flavor.

Recipes that will become your favorites

Our salsa is a great substitute in recipes that call for chopped tomatoes… try mixing a few spoonfuls into your favorite recipes. And as a garnish atop a bowl of potato salad, it adds both color and zing. It’s even a great stir-in to your favorite avocado guacamole. 

We have some complete recipe ideas for you, too. Just visit our Recipes page for a selection of snacks, appetizers, entree garnishes and side dishes that are sure to add a festive flair to your table!

Look for us in your favorite grocer’s deli, produce or dairy section

Add our various salsas to your grocery list… your kitchen will become a more exciting place to create.