Our products, used as ingredients, free chefs to be more creative...

I'm a Chef

Saving you time, so you can create more freely

Present your diners with the highest-quality farm-fresh ingredients without leaving your kitchen. Our staff of experienced chefs have created flavorful salsas for you, so you can focus on creating your own culinary masterpieces.

Spend less time chopping and preparing, and more time creating, with the convenience of our extended line of artisan-style salsas. Use them as ingredients in your dishes, and as garnishes aside entrees, sides, and salads.

Providing the quality AND quantity you need

Growing consumer demand for zesty, natural ingredients is why our line of salsas is a must have for restaurateurs, cooks, and chefs.

From small multi-ounce containers to large 55-gallon drums, we can accommodate the small, medium or large volumes you need for your kitchen, restaurant, or catering facility.

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Have you considered private-labeling your creations?

We are proud to partner with many leading Retail and Food Service customers to provide both branded and private label products. We can help you to private label your own recipes; and we can also private label our salsas under your brand name.

Read more about Private Labeling on our Manufacturing Capabilities page.